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Tuesday 24th November 2020

LC- To explain about reproduction and offspring.


Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at how living things change / adapt to their environment. In order to survive, a species has to develop characteristics to allow it to survive in its surroundings. The ones that develop useful characteristics survive whilst others die out. The new characteristic is then passed down to the young of the species.


 Watch and read the following information on BBC Bitesize.

  So we now know that Charles Darwin was one of the first people to try to explain in a scientific way, how a variety of species had learned to survive and change over time. He used the term, 'natural selection'. Basically, nature decided which things became extinct and which survived. To survive, a species had to develop survival strategies such as being the fastest, strongest, grow more fur etc. The ones that didn't adapt died out. The ones that survived then passed on their new trait to their children and then they passed it on with any new trait they had developed. Eventually, the animals and plants that survived are the ones we see today.

Watch and read the information from the following sources.

Now complete the activity on Seesaw to show to the best of your ability, what you have understood about inheritance. If you are at home, then you will need to write up your understanding in your book.