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Find the link below to discover lots of interesting facts about ROCKS!

This week in Science we will be evaluating our investigation. Have you set your investigation up at home?



A Stone Age family have decided that they do not want to be Hunter gatherers any more and would like to settle down and build a home and a farm.

Can you help them decided which stone should they make their house from.

The need it to be strong, easy to shape, water proof.

They have 3 different type of stone to choose from.


Granite, limestone or graphite?

Which one do you think would be the best? Make a prediction in your blue book.  
Keep an eye out for photo’s and video to help you understand the experiment.

Sahil has completed his plan and is ready to set up the experiment.

Manha has designed her investigation.

Which rock will have absorbed water? Will none of them absorbed water? 
Will any of them have become heavier?

The investigation has been set up in class.

Write the results of your investigation using this document.