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Tuesday 19th May 2020

L.C: To create classification keys to group identify and name living things.

Using our knowledge from last weeks science lesson about different species of animals, today we are going to create our own classification key. This is like the one we completed a couple of weeks ago. 

First let's have some fun.


Have a look at these three creatures.


Which one is the odd one out?

Discuss with your family

There are no wrong answers. 

Think about:

  • appearance
  • what they do
  • where they might be found
  • what type of creature they could be.
To help us to understand classification keys, please watch the video using the link below.

Classification Keys

When creating a classification key we have to look at the characteristics of the living things. This will help us to ask the questions so we can group them with similar features. 

For example, if we are looking at animals: Does the animal have two legs?

If the answer is yes what type of animal would it be?

It would be a bird.

Write the date and the learning challenging in your exercise book

Have a go at completing this classification key.

Put the questions in the correct place then test that your classification key works.


Draw the chart in your exercise book.

You can write the creatures names if you do not want to draw them.


Using your knowledge about different living things create your own classification key.

*Remember you will need to use questions that answer with yes or no