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Science 2

Wednesday 10th March 2021

L.C. To describe how materials can change state.

In our last science lesson we looked at the changes between Solids and Liquids.


What were the names of the 2 processes?


In this lesson we are going to look at the changes between Liquid and Gas


Watch this video.

Where does the drinking water come from?

Still image for this video

So where does the drinking water come from?


The man created a pool of sandy water (not drinkable). He put the empty bottle into the pool. To cover the water he uses cling film. The cling film here is a cooler surface. The sun warms up the sandy water past its boiling point. Once a liquid passes this point some of the particles heat up and gain so much energy that they break away completely from the rest of the liquid. They then become vapour. This is called Evaporation.


Vapour rises and rises. This is until it reaches a cooler surface or cooler air. In the video above this was the cling film. When the vapour reaches the cooler surface/air it slows down the particles and takes away the energy they have. This then causes the matter to change state and become a liquid. This process is called Condensation


We are going to show you this in class. For those at home please watch the video below.

Evaporation/Condensation experiment

Still image for this video

Using what you now know you need to go onto Seesaw and answer the questions for today's science lesson.