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Science 2

Monday 9th November 2020

L.C: To construct a series of circuits.

L.C: To identify the name the components in a circuit (including cells, wires, bulbs, switches and buzzers

Before we use the equipment to build a circuit, we need to understand what the components are. 

Class discussion

This activity is on SeeSaw. You will need to draw lines to match the labels to the circuit components. 

(if you are working at home you will need to click on the pdf below - take a screen shot - then draw the lines to match the labels to the components. Once you have finished email the picture to your teacher on Purple Mash) 

We now know the names of the components.

Using the equipment in the picture below, you are going to investigate ways to create an electrical circuit to make the bulb light

*If you are working at home you will need to watch the video in the star below, as you will not have the equipment to complete the fist part of the lesson. 

What did you notice?

Write about your findings. Remember to use the explanation vocabulary we used last week. 



Explain when the circuit did not work and why. 

Then explain when your circuit did work. 

What did you change?



When creating the electrical circuit, I noticed that _______________________________

__________________________due to ______________________________________________ as a result ______________________________________________________________________________

Next, draw a diagram to show your working circuit

Here are the scientific symbols for the components of an electrical circuit.

Only include the components you have used if you draw your diagram using these symbols.

A cell is a power source just like a battery.