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Road safety/OutRight week

Article 24

Every child has the right to the best health and to have a clean and safe environment.


In school we have been learning about how to keep safe when crossing the road. In reception we have been taking part in the Right Start programme, where small groups of children have been practising how to cross the road with a grown up. We also had a visit from Stan the lollipop man, it was great fun!

As part of our learning, we have been focusing on air pollution. We have been looking at what causes the air  to become dirty and discussing the ways which we can help to reduce it.


In reception, we also created a dust catcher. We covered a paper plate in some cling film and spread some vaseline on top. We tied our dust catcher to the fence near to the main road. We predicted that the road will produce the most dirt, because there is lots of traffic on the road.
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After one week, we collected our dust catcher. The cling film had turned yellow and there was dirt stuck to it. We think that that car fumes had made it turn yellow, there is lots pollution near the road. To help reduce air pollution we decided that we could walk to school more, get a bus to town instead of using a car and plant some trees. We made some posters.
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