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As Manny swam into the Deep River, the sun warmed his back. He passed through a big school of mullet. He could hear the popping of shrimp snapping their claws between the mangrove roots. A pelican dove into the water nearby. “Drat!” the bird mumbled. “Missed again!” 


The farther Manny went up river, the harder it was to see. Soon he had to hold his face out of the water to see where he was going. A shiny blue butterfly was flying up river just ahead of him. He flapped his tail flipper harder to keep up with it.


The river grew narrower. The trees that lined it became taller. It looked like he was swimming between two high green walls. Tree branches high above him began blocking out the sun. Manny started to feel scared. He had never been in a rainforest before.



R - What could Manny hear popping? 

I - Why was it becoming harder for Manny to see?

C - What impact did the last paragraph have on you, as the reader?