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Research Genre

Before you create your very own comic or magazine, you will need to do some research into the different types of magazines and comics already around.


Which types of comics/magazines do you prefer? Why?


Are there any themes or topics you feel are not covered in the magazines or comics that you would enjoy?

Visit your local Supermarket and browse the magazine and comic stands.  


Log onto myOn to access a range of graphic novels to browse and review.

1. Click on Library

2. Click on Search

3. Type in graphic novels

4. Look through and read the graphic novels

Or access the following website to read children’s comics for free online!

Click on the following website link to find lots of online magazine articles.

When you have finished researching, log onto Purple Mash and share your thoughts on either the 2Blog: Graphic Novels or the 2Blog: Magazines.

How to access the blogs on Purple Mash