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Year 4 and 5

Welcome to your quest.


Watch the first slideshow, can you see patterns in nature?

With your family, go for nature walk to find pattern on animals, plants and flowers and other outdoor structures.

Record them by either drawing or taking a photograph.

If you can complete this, then you will get a pass.

Next watch the presentation on 'Spirals in circles'.

Can you draw a Spiral.

There are resources to help you in the resources folder at the bottom of the page.


If you complete this activity too, you can earn a merit.

Next, Spirals in squares.

This is a challenge but we know that you can do it!


If you attempt this activity too, you may earn a distinction.


Good luck.

The Golden Spiral.

Investigate and identify the 'Golden Spiral' in everyday objects. 

Take lots of photographs of all your fabulous learning and send them to Miss Wallace or Mrs Pickup.