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Ask a grown up to help you read the three books below.

Complete the task for each.

Earn a Pass       




Now go to the Winnie and Wilbur 2Do on Purple Mash.


Write a list of all the things Winnie and Wilbur did.


Now go to the Sunny Weather Clothes 2Do on Purple Mash.


Dress yourself in clothes you would wear in sunny weather.

Now go to the Number Poems Quiz 2Do on Purple Mash.


Answer each of the questions. Can you get them all correct? yes


Choose one of the books below to read.


Go to the My Book 2Do on Purple Mash


Draw a picture of the story or what you've read about and write about it.


Read as many of these books as you want to!!


Go to the Letter to my Teacher 2Do on Purple Mash.


Write a letter to your new teacher telling them which book you enjoyed most and why.