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The aim of our reading curriculum is to help  children become confident and fluent readers who read a wide range of material for enjoyment and for information.
Our teaching of reading enables the children to:


  • Read a wide range of texts 
  • Read for a range of purposes 
  • Evaluate and reflect on what has been read. Respond to what has been read 
  • Read aloud with expression and intonation 
  • Use a range of strategies and cues in reading 
  • Develop phonemic awareness and phonic knowledge 
  • Develop a positive and confident attitude to reading 
  • Develop an understanding of grammar and punctuation
  • Develop vocabulary
  • Use reading as a model for writing 
  • Find information in books, computer-based sources and libraries 


 Children take part in shared (whole class), guided (small group with adult support), one to one and independent reading throughout school.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children undertake a daily, structured, synthetic phonics programme (Letters and Sounds) to help them decode words. In the Early Years and Key Stage One our guided reading scheme starts with fiction and non fiction books that children are able to fully decode using the phonics skills they have learnt at school. Our core scheme is Pearsons Phonicsbug supplemented with books from other schemes which are fully decodable. By the end of Year One this is added to with "real" story books and non fiction texts allowing children to consolidate other reading skills enhancing their understanding of books. Children listen to texts being read aloud regularly. Every child is encouraged to read for pleasure through our Home Reading Challenge and regular reading at home is celebrated. All children have access to attractive and well stocked reading areas in every classroom and the school library.

In Key Stage 2 children take part in regular, whole class reading lessons where they learn higher order reading skills and analysis. Children consolidate their skills with the Accelerated Reader Scheme where they choose from a range of carefully levelled books then show their understanding and progress through the programmes quizzes. 

We invest a  lot of resources into maintaining stimulating and exciting reading areas within the classrooms throughout school.