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Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery provides an extra learning opportunity for children who are having  difficulties with reading and writing after about a year at school.

The programme is different for every child. It begins with what the child can do , builds upon what s/he is trying to do and works out what s/he needs to learn how to do next.

The teaching is individually designed and individually delivered. Each child has an intensive half-hour daily lesson which supplements regular class teaching.


The focus is on understanding messages  (in reading) and constructing messages  (in writing), so highest priority is given to children reading many books and writing their own texts. They learn to pay attention to the detail of print without losing the focus on meaning. Reading recovery equips children with ways of increasing their own control of reading and writing so that they can continue to learn on their own.


The Reading Recovery lessons finish when the child is judged to be able to cope well  with reading and writing, and to work successfully with the average group in the classroom, which takes around 15-20 weeks.


The lessons follow a pattern of:

  • Familiar reading - the children read one or two books that they have read previously in order to develop confidence.

  • Reading a recently introduced book - the children apply what they have been learning to somthing less familiar.

  • Letter and word work - the children develop fast recognition of letters, practise letter formation if needed and breaking and making words.

  • Writing a short story - this may be just a sentence or two.

  • Ordering their cut up sentence.

  • Introduction of a new book.