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Reading lesson 2

LC :Read at speed allowing focus on understanding.

     Infer the meaning of unknown words from context.

The Weed by Quentin Blake continued.


Octavia flew up towards the patch of sky far above them.

They did not have to wait long, and when Octavia came back what did she have in her beak?

It was a seed.


Octavia dropped the seed into a tiny crack in the rock floor.

Two minutes later a small green plant appeared.

“This isn’t going to help us much,” said Mrs Meadowsweet. “It’s only a weed.”

“Never mind that,” said Octavia.

“Just stand clear.”


R - Where did Octavia put the seed?

I - How did the family feel when they saw the weed growing? Use evidence from the text to explain your answer.

C - What adjectives has the author used to add description to the story?

LC: to use sentences with different forms - statements, question, command and exclamation.


Today we are going to ask questions.

Using the question hand or the question matrix, write questions to deepen your understanding of the story so far.


If you are learning from home, please complete this task in your blue book, then show it to your teacher when you return to school.