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We are reading The Enormous Crocodile this week.


I love reading this story. I hope you do too.laugh

The Enormous Crocodile.

by Roald Dahl.


Use the book that you were given last summer to read The Enormous Crocodile or  read it from the slideshow.  


Pause the slideshow when you need too.

You can listen to the first part below.

Still image for this video

R - Does Notsobig eat children?

I - Why does the Enormous Crocodile think he is the 'bravest' crocodile?

C  - Why do you think the author has writing nasty in italics?


LC: To use inverted commas.


Using the speech bubble to help  you, what would the crocodile say?  Then re-write what is in the speech bubble using inverted commas.



"I am the bravest croc!" said the Enormous Crocodile.


"I love eating children." whispered the Enormous Crocodile.


Now it's your turn, use Seesaw,  document below to help you or draw and write it in your blue book.