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Thursday 21st May, 2020

LC: To infer a character’s thoughts, feelings and motives for actions.




Read the whole of Chapter 2: The Trouble with Yetis.

 Today we are going to take a look at the character Agatha and her thoughts, feelings and motives for actions (reasons why she does things).


You will answer a range of questions presented in different ways.

If you don’t know the meanings of some words, you will have to use an online dictionary to help.

First Task


You will need to read pages 9-10 to answer the first three questions.


1. Find evidence that shows Agatha was feeling determined.




2. Find evidence to support Agatha’s thought.


Agatha’s thought

Evidence from the text

to support her thought

The yetis must be well-mannered.



3. Find an action that Agatha did in the text that supports the motive below.


Agatha’s action


(reason for doing the action)



Agatha wanted the yetis to be educated.

Second Task

Read pages 18 and 19    

Create some thought bubbles.




Inside the bubbles, record the thoughts you think Agatha had on the changing world.

Final Task

Read pages 19 and 20.

Complete the table by adding a feeling Agatha could have had based on the evidence.


Agatha’s feeling



She knew enough about cruel and terrible things that might happen to her yetis if the wrong people found them.



She blamed herself, of course, for not having been more honest about the world from which she came.


Looking at page 20, What do you think Agatha’s motive was for telling the yetis to safely hide in the valley?