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Wednesday 20th May, 2020

LC: To identify and collect words and phrases which capture the reader's imagination.

LC: To construct images from what you have read.


Abominable means something that is hateful or very terrible.


In chapter 1, we discover that the yetis are not actually abominable. Instead, we find that they are friendly and welcoming creatures.

The author chose certain words and phrases in order to show the reader this.

I have collected some of these below.


Vocabulary to show the yetis are friendly and welcoming from chapter 1







(very) comforting


long, cool, silky, tickly hair


intelligent eyes as big as saucers


strictest and most caring vegetarians

First Task:

Read Chapter 2: The Trouble with Yetis (up to the end of page 17).

(Click on the link below to access the text.)

Identify and collect any new or interesting vocabulary that you come across for the three orphaned yetis, Lucy, Clarence and Ambrose.


Words and Phrases










Use a dictionary to find the meanings of any words that are unfamiliar.

Next task

Great readers construct images (build pictures) in their heads of what they read.



Using the descriptions of Lucy, Clarence and Ambrose on pages 13 and 14, draw pictures of these yetis.



Think about size and any characteristics that you can gather from the text.


Annotate your picture using words/phrases from the text to

1. describe their appearance

2. describe their personalities

Example of character drawing with annotation

Example of character drawing with annotation 1