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Tuesday 19th May 2020

LC: To use different processes to separate mixtures of materials. 


Today, we are going to explore different ways to separate materials. 

Can you think of any ways that scientists might do do this?

There are many different ways but today we are going to focus on evaporation, sieving and using magnetic attraction. 


A local supermarket had a disaster at the weekend when lots of their goods got mixed up after a delivery truck was loaded up incorrectly!

Read what happened below....





What process would you use to separate the mixtures?

Have a go at mixing a small amount of the materials above and separating them. 

You will need a sieve  and a magnet.

(Look on the fridge for a magnet)


1) Start with raisins and flour.

Which process can you use to separate the materials? Sieving or using magnetic attraction?


2) Move on to paper clips and rice. 

Which process can you use to separate the materials?


Under the date and LC, record what happened. Don't forget to take photos as well.


(Explain what happened)



In addition, a bag of salt split open and mixed with some water from the water bottles.

Task 2


We are going to separate a salt and water solution using evaporation. 

First, you need a beaker.

In the beaker, mix some salt and water to make a solution. Using a string, pencil and paperclip, you need to tie a paperclip to the end of the string that is in the water.

Place your beaker somewhere warm in your house and leave for the next couple of weeks. 

(Next to a window is perfect)


Over the next two weeks, watch what happens as the  water (liquid) is gently heated.

Make sure you take plenty of pictures and email your teacher as you notice changes.