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Thursday 21st May


Today we are going to read chapter 6 of 'Nightmare Machine'.

You can find chapter 6 in your 2dos on purple mash.

You will also find the first 5 chapters in your 2dos so you can remind yourself what has happened so far. 

Read the chapter carefully twice.



Your first task is to have a look at the events below. 1) Copy them in to your book.

2) Number them 1 to 5 in the order in which they happened in the story.


The first one has been done for you.



Your next task is to answer the questions that have been set on '2do'.

Make sure you have the text open in a different tab so you can keep going back to look. 



Scan the text for key words

Read the sentence before and after to help understanding. 


There was the clopping sound of footsteps on the stone floor. One of the women had wriggled free and was running away. A door squealed open on unoiled hinges and I caught a glimpse of her escaping through it.

I got up off the bed and went across to the children who had piled themselves on top of Squeam and the remaining woman.



At the start of the chapter one adult escaped from the swarm of children. 


Now have ago at completing the rest of the questions on purple mash independently.