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Wednesday 20th May


Today we are going to read chapter 5 of 'Nightmare Machine'.

You can find chapter 5 in your 2dos on purple mash. You will also find the first 4 chapters in your 2dos so you can remind yourself what has happened so far. 


Read the chapter carefully twice. 


Your task is to answer the questions that have been set on '2do'.

Make sure you have the text open in a different tab if you can so you can keep going back to look. Remember to read the text fully, twice, before you start answering the questions.



Scan the text and find the section above. 


I had to do something.

I wanted to leap up and attack the three adults, but that would be pointless. I would, most likely, just fall over and get captured.


Answer: Daniel decided that it would be foolish for him to attack the three adults because he knew his body would let him down


Now have ago at completing the rest of the questions on purple mash independently.