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Tuesday 19th May, 2020

LC: To explain the meaning of vocabulary within a text.


Read Chapter 1: Kidnap

(Click on the link below to access the text.)

Look at the vocabulary in the chapter.


Find these words and discuss their meanings:

natives, ruins, unearthly, mournful, loomed, foul, distraught, fearsome, studded


Record what you think they mean in your book.

I will help you with one.


I found studded in the text.

Picture 1

I read before the word and after the word in order to help me try to work out its meaning.


Meaning: I think it means to cover something.


In this part of the story, I think it is trying to say that the grass was covered with lots of flowers. A list of the flowers are then shared which helps me to think the grass is covered in these different flowers.

Other tips to help

Can you use the prefix or suffix to help you with some?

un (means not)          ful (full of/plenty)

Afterwards, use an online dictionary to check if you have found the correct meanings.


(Click on the links below to access an online dictionary.)