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Monday 18th May, 2020

LC: To activate background knowledge before reading a text and generate questions.


Good readers use their background knowledge to connect with what they read. They do three things:


1. Link the book to themselves

(your own experiences)

Example response: The girl in the story I am reading wants to change her name. I’d like to change mine too because people say it is funny. I understand how she feels.


2. Link the book to world knowledge                                                        (what you already know about a topic that links to the book you are reading)

Example response: When I am reading about animals in danger, I try to keep what I know about this topic in my mind. It helps me make connections between the book and what I know and I enjoy it better.



3. Link the book to other texts they have read                            (Have you read a book with a similar theme, problem or setting?)

Example response: The first part of Skellig starts off mysteriously. He finds a ‘thing’ in a dark place. This is a bit like the story Stig of the Dump.

This is the text we will be reading this week:

Snatched from her tent whilst camping with her family in the Himalayas, Lady Agatha is missing! Rumour has it that YETIS roam here. Has she been kidnapped by a terrifying monster?

In your exercise book, use your background knowledge to connect with this new text.

Record your thoughts on the story thinking about book to self, book to world knowledge, and then book to book.

Have you any questions about the story?


I have one!

What does the word abominable mean?


Write your questions in your book.

Remember question words and a question mark (?)

Who    What    When    Where   How   Why