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What makes a good reader?

It's fantastic that you can segment words and blend them to read.

You also know lots of words now that you can read just by looking at them. So you must be a good reader, right!?!


There is a difference between reading words on a page and being able to understand what you read. To understand you have to know what the words mean.


    Listen carefully

    Take a look at this sentence:

    Captain X boarded his spaceship and blasted off without looking back.


    Which word shows that the spaceship moved quickly?

    • boarded
    • blasted 
    • looking


    What does the word boarded mean in this sentence?

    • the spaceship is made of cardboard
    • he got on the spaceship
    • Captain X was bored

    Hansel and Gretel are SWEET!

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    Now it's your turn to answer some questions about different parts of this story that have not been read to you. Complete this 2Do: