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LC to draw inferences around characters thoughts, feelings and actions.

Please read the start of this myth and answer the questions. 

R - What did the magic cauldron give the world?

The magic cauldron gave the world —————————.


I - How did Gwion become filled with magic?

Gwion became filled with magic because ————————.


C - How does the author make you feel like she is talking to you at the beginning of the myth?

The author makes you feel like she is talking to you by ————————.

The myth you have read is written in the past tense. The word ‘filled’ is the past tense of ‘fill’. 
Can you write the
present tense of the words Mrs Metcalfe has also found these verbs in the myth?

took - 

sat -

found -

lived - 

fought -

thought -

heard -

sent -