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R - Look at the paragraph beginning 'And being at school was awful...'. Tick the things that the children did when they saw August.


Threw things at him


Sneak peeks from behind their notebooks


Pointed and laughed at him 


Avoided him


Caught germs from him


I - What evidence is there that the other children at August's school were unsure about how to treat him? Give 2 points.


C - Which word most closely matches the meaning of the word avoid?


C - Find and copy a phrase that helps you understand the word contagious



Tuesday 13th April 2021

LC- To understand how a writer can manipulate a reader to think in a certain way.


 When writing mystery stories, it is important not to give too much information away all at once.

Sometimes a picture or description of a character is all we have. We have to use the clues and our own imaginations to predict what we think could happen. Have a look at the picture of the man below. What do you think about him?

 Can you describe him? Don't just say he has a beard,  what is the beard like?

 What is his house is like, what job does he do? How old is he? How do we know?  Is he good or evil?  Why do we think this?  Is our idea the only one?

We would need more information to know for sure wouldn't we?


Now look at the following image.

Who lives here? Where is it? Is the inside how you expect it or something different? Have you noticed the little things like the bridge leading to it?

Now have a look at the following images. What is happening? Why is it happening?

Could you tell a story from it?


 Now go to Seesaw and choose one of the images. Write a paragraph to explain your thoughts about the story they come from. What could the story be about, what is happening and why, what could happen next?

Remember we only have part of the information.