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Monday 12th April

LC: To revise active reading strategies


Whilst we are reading, there should be certain strategies that we use to enhance our understanding of the text. Can you remember these? What are they and what do they mean?


One of these is VISUALISING. This is when we create images in our mind based on what we are reading. This is particularly helpful when we read descriptions. As we read the following extract, I would like you to visualise and draw a quick sketch of what you see. 


No one had lived in the house for years. The blue paint was peeling and the yard was overgrown with weeds. The windows on the lower floor were boarded up and some of the windows on the second floor had been broken, probably by kids throwing rocks at them. 


Read the following extract and answer the questions in your Reading Journal. 



1. Bobby crouched low on his skateboard whilst on the half pipe. Why did he do this?


2. For what reason does Jim disagree with the Skate Festival?


3. For what reason did Sophie think that the forth judge had given Stacey a score of 10?




1. When Sophie looked into the prison cell she was shocked by what she saw. Why did she feel like this?


2. What do you think that Sophie does as a job? Use evidence from the text in your answer.


Author's Choice


1. Find and copy a word or phrase from the text that suggests there are a lot of people at the festival.


2. Find and copy a word that tells the reader that Bobby is concentrating really hard as he is on the half pipe.


3. That evening the competition was reaching its climax. What do you think this means?


4. 'Sabotaging the competition' What do you think this means? Try replacing any words that you don't know with another word.




1. What do you think happened to Bobby? Explain your answer fully.




Draw a picture of the monster before its mask is removed. Make sure that you use the description in the text.