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Today we are going to show that we understand what we read by answering questions about a text.


There are many different types of questions and the ones we are going to concentrate on today are RETRIEVAL questions, which simply means where you have to find the information in the text you read (just like a detective looking for clues).

Let's take a look at this party invitation:

Who is having a party?

Listen carefully

At what time will the party start?

Listen carefully

Where will the party take place?

Listen carefully

Now it's your turn. Copy the questions into your book and answer them using the information below.

Tuesday 13th April 2021

Who is having a party?

Who will come?

Find and copy two things his friends will get.

What will they eat?

True or False: The party will finish at 5pm.


If you are at home, send a picture of your work to your teacher.