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Wednesday 17th March 2021

LC: To read and understand Year 4 common exception words.


In this lesson, you are going to play a range of games in order to read and understand nineteen of the year 4 common exception words.


You will need:

- a Year 4 common exception words grid

- a score card

- a cheat sheet


Work through each game, with the person you are sitting next to in class or with a family member if you are learning from home, and collect points for each game you play. 

You can play each game MORE THAN ONCE.


Game One: Rapid Recall

How many times can you read all 19 words in 2 minutes?

Reading all 19 words once = 1 point

Reading all 19 words again = 2 points

(and so on)

How many points can you collect in 2 minutes?

Your partner will need to set a timer on their iPad to time you and keep track of the points you have collected as you read. 

Game Two: Fastest Finger First

Your teacher will read out a common exception word at random.

The first person in your pair to find it on their grid gets a point. 

Can you get more points than your partner?

You can keep track of your own score here. Remember to play fair with your partner. 

Game Three: Know Your Stuff

You have 5 minutes to read through the cheat sheet and understand the meaning of each word. 

After that, take it in turns with your partner to test each other on your understanding of the words.

Each definition that is matched to the correct word = 1 point.

How many points can you collect?

Partner 1 can read out the definitions from the cheat sheet.

Partner 2 can find the word on their grid that matches the definition.

Then, swap around. 

Game Four: Who knows what will happen?

Each partner takes it in turn to close their eyes, hover their finger over the word grid and select a word at random.

Then, they have to explain the meaning of the selected word. 

The partner not playing can check the cheat sheet to see if they are correct.

How many points can you collect? 

For every correct meaning collect 1 point.

If you have to use the cheat sheet before explaining, you lose a point!