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Yesterday, quite a lot of you didn't add the answers to the RIC on the template on Seesaw. Please make sure that you do this today.

R - Where did Dan see his dad?


I - Why do you think that Dan compares his situation to being like 'Paradise'? This is a difficult question and you will need to think about everything you have read in today's and yesterday's RIC texts.


C - Please change all the contractions (words that use an apostrophe for omission) back to their non-contracted forms. 


Example - would've - would have

Wednesday 24th February

LC: To retrieve facts from an information text


Just like would do in school, please read all the information on the River Nile below before you begin the questions. When you have read it, the questions are on the template on Seesaw - Reading (Wednesday).  


First click on the picture for an Introduction to the River Nile.