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Wednesday 10th February

LC: To retrieve information to answer literal questions


Please read Chapter 23 of Oliver Twist and then answer the literal questions. Remember, the answers to literal questions can be taken straight from the text. You don't need to act like a detective. 


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Please answer the following questions. I have also written the questions on the template on Seesaw - Literal Comprehension (Wednesday).



1. Why did nobody want to catch Bill's attention as he searched for Nancy?

2. Where did Bill find Nancy?

3. What did Bull's Eye do after Bill had killed Nancy?

4. Why didn't Bill go into any of the buildings as he tried to escape?

5. Why did Bill run to Fagin's?

6. What did Bill collect before leaving Fagin's? (3 things)

7. What happened to Bill?

8. Where did the police catch Fagin?