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LC: To use intonation, tone and volume when reading aloud.

Ivy’s plant shop.

Still image for this video

Click on the picture below to watch the video.



Now watch the video again, this time take notice of the functions of the stem, leaves and roots.


Now read the text below, it is written in they style of a playscript.

Remember to use tone and intonation (changing your voice) when being the different characters.




Posey: What about the leaves?


Ivy: That's easy, they're for waving at it's friends.


Posey: No, the leaves help the plant make food for itself.


Ivy: Greedy.


Posey: And the roots?


Ivy: Oh they don't do anything, they just make a mess.


Posey: The roots keep the plant in the ground and absorb water and nutrients. They're like straws, they suck up all the bits they need from the soil.


Ivy: But, the flower's the only bit I like, because it's got pretty colours and it smells nice.


Posey: Finally, you got close, but there's much more to it than that.


Ivy: Well, why does the flower have to look pretty?


Posey: The flower has to look pretty and smells nice so bees will come and visit them,


Ivy: Aw, thanks for explaining that to me


Posey: So, here's the plant I was bringing you.


Ivy: Thank you. I promise I will take much better care of it.


1. What is the function of the leaves?

2. What is the function of roots?

3. Why does the flower look pretty?

LC: to create complex sentences using a wide range of conjunctions - although, while, since, until, before, after.


Can you complete the sentences below?

Remember say the sentence, are you using your Kung Fu Punctuction   A , .


Although the flower is pretty,...........


Although the leaves look like they are waving at their friends, ......



Complete this work either on Seesaw or in you blue blended learning book.