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LC: To use intonation, tone and volume when reading aloud.

Functions of a plant.

Still image for this video

Click on the picture below and watch the video.



Now watch the video again, this time take notice of the functions of the stem, leaves and roots.


Now read the text below, it is written in they style of a playscript.

Remember to use tone and intonation (changing your voice) when being the different characters.


Ivy: I'm getting rid of all the ugly bits I don't need. These hands don't have any fingers; you can't even see these little toes they're hidden in the ground, and this neck is way too long.


Posey: No. You can't just keep all the pretty bits. It's like, ummmm, a human body. All the bits are needed and have their own function.

That means the job that they do. If you didn't have bones, you wouldn't be able to hold your head up; if you didn't have a stomach, you wouldn't be able to digest food; if you didn't have lungs, you wouldn't be able to breath.


Ivy:  That's not true.  Well I've never seen a plant breath, or eat, and they definitely don't have bones... I don't think.


Posey: Their parts all have functions. What do you think a stem does?


Ivy: That's easy, it's to see above the rest of the flowers of course.


Posey: No. The stem supports the plant and transports water and nutrients.


Ivy: Nutrients?


Posey: Food.



1. Why is Ivy cutting off all the 'ugly' bits?

2. Do you think plants/flowers breathe? and why?

3. What does the word 'function' mean?





LC: to create complex sentences using a wide range of conjunctions - although, while, since, until, before, after.


Using the text above to write a sentence using one of the above conjunctions.


Although the stem is long, it supports the plant.


Can you think of another ending?


Although stem is long, ........




Complete this work either on Seesaw or in you blue blended learning book.