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Friday 5th February 2021

LC: To read and understand common words.


Reading common words.wav

Understanding common words: CHEAT SHEET

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To help you be able to read and understand these words confidently, you are going to play some games. 

You can play each game MORE THAN ONCE.


Game One: Rapid Recall

How many times can you read all 8 words in 2 minutes?

Reading all 8 words once = 1 point

Reading all 8 words again = 2 points

(and so on)

How many points can you collect in 2 minutes?

You can set a timer and keep track of the points you have collected as you read. 



Game One 2.wav

Game Two: Know Your Stuff

You have 5 minutes to read through the CHEAT SHEET (above) and understand the meaning of each word. 

After that, ask someone older in your home to test you on your understanding of the words.

Each meaning that is matched to the correct word = 1 point.

How many points can you collect?



Game Three: Give me an example!

Ask someone in your home to call out one of the 8 words.

Next, you put the word into a sentence.

If it is used correctly, you score 1 point.

How many points can you collect?


Keeping Score.wav