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Today we are going to compare the viewpoints of two characters based on the same event. The two characters we are going to be focusing on are the Queen of Hearts and Alice.

Step 1

The slide below tells us the event we are going to be focusing on today. As you can see, 'The Trial of Alice' will be our key event. We are going to be identifying the queens thoughts during this event and comparing them to Alice's thoughts.

Step 2

Watch the video clip below of 'The Trial of Alice'. As you watch the clip, think carefully about what both the Queen of Hearts and Alice are thinking throughout. 


What does the queen want to happen at the trial and what is she doing to try and make this happen?


What does Alice think of the trial throughout and do her facial expressions give you any clues?

Alice in Wonderland(1951) - The Trial Of Alice.mp4

Still image for this video

Step 3

Look at MODEL below. As you can see, after watching the video, I identified the queen's viewpoint and wrote this in a short paragraph.


This example is to help guide you when writing the viewpoint of Alice.


Now, after watching the 'The Trial of Alice' and understanding what the queen's viewpoint is, it is your turn Year 5!


In a short paragraph, write Alice's viewpoint about the trial.


This task will be sent to you on SEESAW. Complete the task inside the purple box. Use TEXT to write your short paragraph.