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Today, we are going to learn to understand the meaning of words by reading around the text. We know that sometimes words have different meanings but we have to read the information we are given and decide what meaning it is talking about depending on what the text is about.


First, remind yourself of the pages that we read yesterday. They have been attached for you again below. 

Now, have a look at my example below. 


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You should be able to see that I have picked out a sentence from the text above.

In this sentence, we are focusing on the word 'lessen' and what it means in the text. 


Have a read of the 3 possible answers and decide which one you think is correct. 



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Now it is your turn. 

You have been given 4 sentences below from the text. 


First, write the date and LC and underline this with a ruler.


Then, number your sentences and write the sentences out that are in red.


Underneath each sentence, write the definition of what the word means. You will need to choose 1 answer for each one.  





Once you have finished, please send a picture of your work to your teacher on Seesaw.