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Today you are going to be summarising a page from Alice in Wonderland. After you have read the page, you need to think about what the key events are and what the reader need to know about what has happened.

Step 1

Read pages 27 to 29 to remind yourself of what takes place at this point in the story. As you read, think carefully about the key events that take place that the reader needs to know about.

Step 2

Look at the MODEL below. As you can see, I have summarised page 27 in a short paragraph. In this summary, there is no real detail because it is only the important plot points that need to be discussed. 


After reading the page, I thought to myself, if a person didn't know the events that what took place on this page, how could I briefly explain it to them in a summary? As you can see, the summary only needed a short paragraph.


First, write the date and LC.


Then, write a short paragraph that summarises page 29 below.


Remember, you need to identify the important events that take place and you do not need to include too much detail.

When you have finished your summary, that you have completed in your blended learning book, send a picture of it to your teacher on SEESAW please.