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  Wednesday 20th January 2021

     LC- To answer questions from a text.


Today, we are going to continue looking at our poem. If you have not done the other lessons then you must do these first.

Well done to everyone who is up to date. You should now be understanding the poem much more now we have looked at the vocabulary used. Yesterday, you also summarised what was happening.


Today, we are going to see if we can answer questions from the text. These will be literal and inference questions.

You will need to watch the video very very carefully and follow ALL instructions.

There is no Seesaw recording today. I want you to stop the video when you are told and record what you are asked to in your home learning books. When you have completed this, I want you to send a photograph of your work to us.

I expect to see your answers in the same detail as what is modelled to you.