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Tuesday 19th January 2021

LC- To find the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary.


 If you didn't complete yesterday's reading lesson, then you MUST do this first.

 We were introduced to a poem and many of you commented that it wasn't that easy to understand. This was partly due to the vocabulary used. 

Today we are going to look at some of these words and work out what they mean. I would like you to read the poem through again and highlight any words you don't understand. This is on Seesaw called Poem Vocab. There are 3 pages.

Then I want you to choose 5 of these words and try to work out the meaning of them. This is on page 4 on Seesaw. Remember the strategy we use in school of reading around the word, missing it out and trying to put our own suggestion in to see if it makes sense.


When you have done this and ONLY when you have done this, I want you to follow the lesson from Oaks Academy on the link below. It is CRUCIAL you watch and listen very carefully or you will not understand the tasks for the rest of the week.


Once you have completed the video, you should understand the meaning of most of the words and therefore the meaning of the poem. The final task is to summarise the meaning of the poem (as the teacher tells you). 

This is the last page on Seesaw.


Make sure you complete the work to  year 6 standard please.


Identifying Vocabulary.

Still image for this video