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Today, we are going to make inference around how characters are feeling and what they are thinking. We are going to be using Point and Evidence like we have done previously but we are going to add Explanation to that too. 


First, remind yourself of the pages that we read yesterday. They have been attached for you below. 


Now, have a look at my example in the model below. 


As you can see from the example above, the Point section has a statement about the gardeners and the evidence from the text has been found to support this and has been put in the Evidence box using quotation marks.


In the Explanation box, I have now put all of the above evidence into one sentence to explain my full answer clearly.

I am repeating in this box exactly what has already been said in the Point and Evidence box but in my own words. 



Now, your task is very similar to the above. 


Write the date and LC and underline with a ruler. 


You have been given 3 points so copy out Point 1 into your home learning book. 


Find the evidence to support this point from the text using quotation marks. 


Then, in one sentence explain your answer fully using what you have already wrote for the Point and Evidence.


Repeat this for Point 2 and 3. 


Once you have completed this work, please send it on Seesaw.