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Friday 15th January 2021

LC- To write a character description.


To start off today, I want you to complete the Seesaw activity called, 'My reading list'. This is to copy down all the things you read yesterday over 24 hours that you noted in your books. Remember this is from Yesterday's video.


When you have done that, I want you to watch the next video on Reading for pleasure. Today, we are concentrating on the characters within stories.

Watch the video and follow ALL the instructions given. If the teacher asks you to stop the video and write something down then please do this.

She gives very clear instructions on how to write a character description. If you follow what she tells you, you will do an amazing job.

At the end, instead of writing the full thing in your book, I want you to use Seesaw. It is called Character Description.


I look forward to reading your work.