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Today we are going to be reading a short passage of text and using intonation and expression to determine missing punctuation.

Step 1

First, watch the video below on Expression. This video will remind you what happens to your voice when you read with expression. Punctuation determines when we change the tone of our voice. If you could inverted commas, that would tell us that someone is talking. 

Reading with Expression.mp4

Still image for this video

Step 2

Look at the model below. As you can see, this short paragraph has no punctuation. When reading the model paragraph, can you determine where punctuation is missing.


When you have read the paragraph verbally, and attempted to determine its punctuation, click on the 'Model Answer' tab to see if you were correct.


First, write the date and LC in your blended learning book.


Then, write the paragraph below in your book adding the missing punctuation once you determine where it belongs. Just like the model.

When you have finished your task, send a picture of it to your teacher on SEESAW and the answers will be sent to you for you to self mark.