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Tuesday 12th January 2012

LC- To retrieve and record information from texts. 


Yesterday, we learned a little about  the life of Harriet Tubman.

We know she was a slave but eventually she escaped and helped others to do the same. She used what was called, 'The Underground Railway'.

This wasn't an actual railway but a secret way to help slaves escape. 

Today you are going to use all the links provided to find out more information about the 'railway'.


First watch the video below (under the picture) to find out more about Harriet.

 She was very brave wasn't she. In the video it told you a little about the underground railway. Read and watch the following links and make notes in your books about what you find out about the railway, how did it work? who was involved? what were the dangers? etc

When you have made all your notes, write a paragraph to explain your understanding of 'The Underground Railway.'   Use the Seesaw template called Railway ( Tuesday) and send your work to us.

We are looking forward to reading about your understanding of this important time in History.

Watch the beginning of the video below. It will stop part way through and ask you to register. DO NOT DO THAT. You will have watched enough to help with your notes.