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Today we are going to making inferences around character's thought, feeling and actions. We are going to be reading a more detailed version of Alice in Wonderland. The text is the opening of the story. 

Step 1

Read the text carefully below. It is important you understand the plot how who the characters are. As you read, think about how Alice is feeling throughout.

Step 2

After reading the text. Let's answer the two model questions below.


Question 1 answer

Bored because she is getting tired of sitting there and there is nothing to do.


Question 2 answer

Because she was curious to find out what her sister was reading.


As you can see above, both questions have been answered with an explanation. The clues were used in the text to answer the inference questions.



First, write the date and LC under the RIC questions you answered earlier in the lesson.


Then, answer the 3 questions below using the text above.


Number the questions 1 to 3 as you answer each of them. Leave a line between each question.


When you have finished your work, send a picture of it to your teacher on SEESAW!