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 Wednesday 6th January 2021

 LC- To answer retrieval questions from a text.


Yesterday we read how Olaudah Equiano was finally free and then got cheated out of his money.


Let's continue.


With the help of the Indians Olaudah managed to escape to Jamaica in a homemade canoe. There he found Dr Irving, who tried to help him get back the money he was owed. They went to several magistrates in Jamaica to get justice, but none would believe Olaudah’s word against the captain’s.

Olaudah heard that the captain was sailing to Jamaica and had threatened to kill Olaudah for calling him a thief. Olaudah feared for his life. So he decided to leave Jamaica quickly and, with Dr Irving's help, gained a place on board a ship to England. He arrived in Plymouth in January 1777, grateful to the doctor for saving him. However, a few months later Olaudah heard that Dr Irving had died from eating poisoned fish. He was sorry to

have lost such a good and loyal friend.

Now answer the following questions


1. How many more years did Olaudah work as a steward on a ship?

2. When was the Society for the Abolition of the slave trade founded?

3. Which 3 men were campaigning to abolish slavery?

4, Why was the Sierra Leone resettlement project set up?

5. What was Olaudah's job on the voyage back to Africa?

6. What caused Olaudah to lose his job?

7. Where was the first independent black country in the Caribbean?


Record your answers in your books. Be ready to answer any question as we email you to check!