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Reading Lesson 1

LC: To use tone and intonation when reading aloud.





Read the passage below.

Remembering to change your voice for each character.  Thinking about how they would say the speech.

R - How old was Danny when his mother died?


I - Why was Danny a scruffy little boy? Use evidence from the text to explain your answer.


C - What do you think the work 'lavished' means?

Enjoy reading the book by Roald Dalh.


Click on the link below.

LC: to select, generate and effectively use adverbs.
Click the link below to remind yourself about adverbs.

Can you find two adverbs in the text?


Well done, suddenly and especially are adverbs.


Here are some examples.



   - Sami suddenly appeared from behind the gas station.


  -  Suddenly Danny jumped out from behind the caravan.


  -  I sat down rather suddenly next to Ravi.



Now using Seesaw or in your blue blended learning book, if you are at home.

Write 3 sentences using an adverb.