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Driving to the Medieval Festival, Mum sang old folksongs while Gavin studied the long list of events. There would be sword classes, blacksmithing, acrobats, dancers, jesters, and more, but it was jousting that was his top priority.


When the two entered the festival grounds, a whirl of sights, sounds, and smells overwhelmed them. Sheep and goats grazed beside horses and mules. The scent of fresh cider perfumed the air while strolling jugglers and musicians entertained the crowds. As Gavin pulled Mum toward the jousting field, he was so busy gawking that he tripped and fell. When he arose, his mother was gone and his body felt unusually heavy. Yikes! He was wearing a full suit of armour!


“Sir, your steed awaits!” announced a man in a cloak, directing Gavin toward the stable. Too stunned to protest, Gavin clanked along, huffing under the armour’s weight.


“I think you’re mistaken,” Gavin sputtered. “Not so!” replied the squire. “Queen Mab commands you to replace Sir Harry, who broke his arm yesterday. Ride proudly to honour her!”


Gavin gulped, feeling equally confused and thrilled at this crazy turn of events. He’d wanted to see a joust, but to actually participate in one? Jeepers!


The squire paraded Gavin and his horse into position and handed him the long pole. Across the field was his fierce opponent, fully armored and ready...

R - What is the main purpose of a Medieval Festival?


A. It is a great place to drink cider.

B. It allows visitors to see farm animals up close.

C. It lets people experience medieval events and activities.

D. It provides a chance for people to practice battle skills.


What helped you answer?


I - Make an inference to explain Gavin’s mixed feelings upon finding himself a knight about to joust.


C - Which means nearly the same as gawking?


A. staring

B. juggling

C. thinking

D. strolling


What helped you answer?

Friday 4th December

LC: To share an emotional response to life as a child in Victorian Britain


Please follow the link below to the 'Primary Homework Help' website. Read all the information about 'What was it like for children living in Victorian Britain. When you have read all of the information, I would like you to write a diary entry which explains the hardships that YOU - as a child living in Victorian Britain - faced on a daily basis.


In order to do this, you must use evidence from the text and share an emotional response to what you have read. 


You can choose from the viewpoint of a Victorian child working as:


  • A chimney sweep
  • Working in the factories
  • A street child
  • Working in the coal mine

You can start your diary entry like this...


   October 18th, 1880


          Today was another tough day in the factory/down the coal mine/on the street/sweeping chimneys...