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Read the story below which is called The Hero Twins. The Hero Twins are two of the most famous characters from Maya mythology. Their story is told in one of the few surviving Maya texts called the Popol Vuh. The story of the Hero Twins begins with two twin boys. 




Today, we are going to practice using Point and Evidence. We have practiced this skill previously so you should already be an expert at this! 

Have a look at the model below which gives you an example:



Point: The twins were really good at playing ball games.

Evidence: 'They were very talented at playing ball games'.


When you are providing the evidence, you MUST go back to the story and find the evidence to show it is true and the story says so. 

Remember it is not an opinion I am looking for, it is the fact (evidence) from the text that is important. 


Finally, once you have used a quote from the text, you need to remember to use quotation marks. Have a look at the model again and see if you can spot the quotation marks. 

Now write the date and LC in your home learning book and write out the Points followed by the Evidence.

Remember to use quotation marks and use evidence from the text!