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The water was glistening in the summer’s morning sunlight and the surf was cool on their feet as Krin and Paula happily strolled along the water’s edge. Collecting shells and skimming stones as they went, the brother and sister were having a ball exploring what appeared to be a never-ending beach.


After a while, they stopped and looked back. Their parents and the umbrellas, chairs, and crowds were a long way off. But just ahead, nestled amongst sea grape trees, stood a run-down house. It appeared to be unoccupied; curious, they went to investigate.


The steps creaked as they ascended them, as did the porch when they stepped onto it. The shutters and porch railing were weathered and broken. The front door was ajar so they squeezed through and cautiously entered. The place was in total disarray, chockablock with dust, sand, dead leaves, and overturned, splintered furniture. They’d taken but a few steps when the door unexpectedly slammed shut behind them.


Startled, Krin and Paula spun around. Before they could even utter something like “Uh-oh,” the window shutters clapped closed, too. And if this wasn’t scary enough, the stairs to the second floor squeaked. When a light in the back bedroom flickered, that was absolutely the final straw. “Let’s get outta here, Paula!” And out they ran, all the way back to those wonderful umbrellas, beach chairs, and crowds.

R - Two things creaked as they entered the house. What were they?


I - When they leave the house they describe the crowded beach as wonderful. Why did they think this?


C - Summarise the setting and moods of the story. How does the mood change?


C - The author uses compound adjectives in some of their descriptions. Find them. 

Tuesday 1st December

LC: To retrieve information from a text


Read the information about Queen Victoria and answer the questions. If you are learning from home, complete the questions in your Home Learning book.