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Today we are going to be identifying prefixes, suffixes and root words. We are going to sort words into the correct column by splitting those words if they have a prefix or a suffix.

Step 1

Look at the model below. As you can see, the root word has been identified in the word and written in the middle column. 


If the word then had a prefix or a suffix, it has been split and added in the correct column.


There are some root words that have both a prefix and a suffix.


First, you are going to write the date and LC in your reading journals.


Then, you are going to create three sub-headings like below. 


3 words have been done for you as an example.


Using the same method, sort the words in the table into the correct columns, as shown below.


If you are at home, complete the task in your blended learning book.


When finished, send a picture of your work to your teacher on SEESAW!