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Today we are going to be focusing on the performance aspect of reading using intonation and expression. We are going to read an extract from Harry Potter together as a class. 

Step 1

Think carefully and answer the following questions below.


What is intonation?

Intonation is the rise and fall of the voice in speaking.


When we are reading, why would we change the tone in our voice?


How does punctuation tell us when to change the tone of our voice when reading?


We are going to read the text below as a class, so be prepared to read aloud.


As we read, we will come across dialogue in the text. When we do, for 30 seconds with the person next to you, practise reading it to each other.


Focus on changing the tone in your voice. Think carefully about how the character could sound.

If you are at home, read the text below. When you are reading dialogue in the text, think about how you are going to change the tone of your voice to sound like the character in the story.


Diagon Alley