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Wednesday 9th December 2020

LC: To use the knowledge of root words to understand the meaning of words.

What is a root word? 

A root word is a basic word with no prefix or suffix added to it. 


We can add prefixes and suffixes onto a root word in order to change its meaning.

Look at the example below. 

Once we know the meaning of the root word 'help', we can then use this to help us work out the meaning of closely linked words with prefixes and suffixes added. 


Your Task

1. Use the root word trees to collect closely linked

   words to either 'care' or 'friend'. Think about the

   different prefixes and suffixes that can be added

   to the root word. 


2. Then, use your knowledge of the root word to

     work out the meanings of the new words. 

Log onto Seesaw to complete this task. 

Find the activity 'Root Word Tree' to get started.